How many of us boys grew up fantasizing about being deep sea or scuba divers, based on the late night movies we watched? It is possible to relive those dreams. The movies in this list feature (frogmen, commercial, hardhat) divers in various measures.
The listings, especially for TV, are incomplete, and any contributions to this database are welcome.
HELP! If you don't see a favorite of yours on this list, please email me! I'd love to add it in. If you have a copy of a film I haven't seen, I'd love to see a copy.

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Do you know which movie this still comes from?
Please let us know so I can add it!
Music video by Tube & Berger (2004) for "StraightAhead" features giant divers dancing through London.
Anyone know where to get a full res. version?

"DIVERS"   the actors who "dive," at least in the storyline (you'll be amazed who's been deep sea diving!).
RATINGS   for dive action (D-DDDD) and acting (A-AAAA). Lack of rating indicates I have not seen it yet.
VHS/DVD   indicates available on Video/DVD (my info is probably out of date in some cases).
YES   indicates I am seeking a copy and will exchange some of these we have. Maybe we could swap!

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (silent) 1916 ? DD A VHS     The original (silent); fair footage, but see Disney version
The Navigator (Silent) 1924 Buster Keaton DDD AAA VHS     Some very amusing underwater scenes, worth a look
Submarine (Silent) 1928 Jack Holt ? ? ? YES Dir. Capra; 2 guys - 1 girl, friendship wins in the end . . .
Sea Bat 1930 ? DD A ?     Unusual film, giant sea ray smothers one of our divers
Sea God 1930 Richard Arlen, Faye Wray ? ? ? YES Hardhat diver plods ashore on tropical isle, mistaken for a god!
Fifty (50) Fathoms Deep 1931 J Holt ? ? ? YES Hardhat divers and raingear, 2 guys - 1 girl . . .
Below the Sea 1933 Ralph Bellamy, Faye Wray DDD AA ?     Some good u/w footage, including squid fight, treasure hunt melodrama
No More Women 1934 Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe ? ? ? YES Divers swear off women until... Not seen it yet (Maltin gives it 3 stars), but with title like that...!
16 Fathoms Deep 1934 Lon Chaney, Jr. DD+ AA VHS YES Florida sponge divers; Remade 1948, Chaney in different role
Best Man Wins 1935 ? ? ? ? YES   Injured diver becomes bad seed . . .
Depths Below 1936 Chester Morris, Richard Dix ? ? ? YES WW2 salvage divers?
The Devil's Playground 1937 Chester Morris ? ? ? YES   Remake of Fifty Fathoms Deep? (aka Depth Below?)
Vengeance of the Deep 1939 Lloyd Hughes DD A VHS     Pearl divers battle for pearl, and girl
Minesweeper 1942 Richard Arlen DDD AA VHS     Early WW2 short with hardhat divers clearing mines, perhaps . .
Reap the Wild Wind 1942 John Wayne, Ray Milland DDD AA VHS YES One film in which Wayne croaks on screen; Squid Fight!
Rough, Tough & Ready 1945 Chester Morris? ? ? ? YES War adventure, 1 girl, 2 guys . . . (aka., Men of the Deep)
Wake of the Red Witch 1948 John Wayne DDD AA VHS YES   and here's another one! Same fate, no squid, tho.
16 Fathoms Deep 1948 Lloyd Bridges DDD AA VHS? YES   More sponge divers, okay u/w footage. Pre-"Sea Hunt" Bridges.
Pirates of the High Seas 1950 Crabb? ? ? ? YES Hardhats doing something?
Sea Hornet 1951 Rod Cameron DDD A ? YES Yawner, some nice clear u/w footage, though
Smuggler's Island 1951 Jeff Chandler ? ? ? YES Hardhat and smugglers??? Jeff hot in hardhat
Smuggler's Gold 1951 Cameron Mitchell ? ? ? YES ?
Volcano (ital.) 1951 ? ? ? ? YES Italian salvage diver and girl troubles?
Mara Maru 1952 Errol Flynn DDDD A VHS YES Plodding story, great underwater footage, no squid, tho
Road to Bali 1952 Bob Hope DD A VHS   Bob goes 'deep sea diving' briefly; laughs but dive is faked
Jamaica/Jamaica Run 1953 ? ? ? ? YES Divers in caribbean soap story?
Beneath the 12 Mile Reef 1953 Robert Wagner, Gilbert Roland DDDD AAA VHS/DVD   Excellent u/w footage of sponge divers; 'blow-up, Squid Fight!
City Beneath the Sea 1953 Anthony Quinn, Robert Ryan DD A ? YES U/W footage okay, but one dive faked in dry "tank"
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1954 James Mason, etc. DDDD AAAA DVD   Classic: excellent u/w - modified hardhats with Aquala suits!
Tesoro di Rommel (ital.) 1955 ? ? ? ? YES Soap opera about hunt for treasure; maybe some diving? (aka. Rommel's Treasure)
Revenge of the Creature 1955 John Agar DD A VHS   Opening battle of hardhat and Creature (from Black Lagoon)
Godzilla 1956 Takashi Shimura DDD AA VHS     Great monster meets (first) end at hands of 2 hardhat divers who deliver "oxygen destroyer"
Ghost Diver 1957 James Craig, Nico Minardos ? ? ? YES Hardhat diver washes ashore, dead. Rest is a mystery. . .
Zombies of Mora Tau 1957 Gregg Palmer D -A ?   Tropical zombies . . . some hardhat-zombie action
Buldog Breed (brit) 1960 Peter Jones, Norm Wisdom DD+ AA VHS   UK Naval comedy with amusing hardhat scene
Sink the Bismarck! 1960 ? D AAA VHS     20 sec. footage german diver tries to free jammed rudder; look fast!
First Men in the Moon 1964 Edward Judd, et al. DD AA VHS     Victorian astronauts explore Moon wearing, you guessed it, hardhat suits (who needs gloves on an airless Moon)!
Assault on a Queen 1966 Frank Sinatra DD A VHS YES Early scenes have Frank as a salvage diver. After that, ho hum.
Nobody's Perfect 1968 Doug McClure ? A ? YES Navy diver hijinks at sub base Japan; diver trapped in typhoon
Krakatoa, East of Java 1969 Brian Keith, Max Schell DDD AA DVD     Treasure ship nearly destroyed by fabled volcano (Look out, its about to erupt!). ...Krakatoa is WEST of Java
Red Tent 1971 ? DDD AAA VHS     2 minutes of VG footage of russian hardhat diver under polar ice
When Eight Bells Toll (brit) 1971 A. Hopkins + DDD ? VHS+   Al. MacLain spy story; helmet v. scuba diver knife fight; alas, our man loses
Black Bird 1975 George Segal ? ? VHS YES All I have is a press photo of George in Mark V gear
Trapped Beneath the Sea 1974 ? DDDD AAA ? YES   Excellent hardhat scenes in mini-sub rescue film
Pacific Inferno 1979 Jim Brown D -A VHS     Excellent WW2 POW story trashed in exploitation film
Oceans of Fire (TVM) 1986 ? DD A VHS     Off-shore oil rigs and divers; U/W footage not as great as should be
Dykket (The Dive) (dan.) 1989 Sundquist, Eidsvold DDD AAA ?     Gripping tale of two commercial divers trapped in bell
Abyss 1989 Ed Harris, M Mastranatonio DDD AAA VHS     Good action film at bottom of ocean. Updated hardhat gear, liquid breathing fluid
Men of Honor 2001 C Gooding, R DeNiro DDDD AA DVD   Great U/W action scenes, 1st black master diver
Submerged (TV) 2001 Matthew Wait, Sam Niell DDDD AAA ?     Great hardhat rescue of Squalus sub in '39
SpongeBob SquarePants 2004 ? DD+ AA DVS     "Cyclops" menaces our heros!

Any info on these and other unreviewed movies or TV shows would be appreciated.

  • Hero of Submarine D-2 (1915)
  • Partners of the Tide (1921)
  • Wonders of the Sea (1922)
  • Mysterious Island (1930 - not 1961 version)
  • Typhoon Treasure (19xx)
  • A Lady Fights Back (1944 - WW2 short)

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    The Frogmen 1951 Richard Widmark DDD AA DVD   WW2 UDT teams, some Aquala-style rubber suits
    Hellraiders of the Deep (ital.) 1954 ? ? ? ? YES WW2 human-torpedos in great drysuits! (when will this be released?)
    Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954 R Carlson DD A VHS     Skin divers search for the rubber clad Creature
    Hunters of the Deep 1955 ? ? ? ? YES   Documentary?
    Above Us the Waves 1955 ? ? ? DVD YES   Charioteers and WW2 frogmen
    King of the Coral Sea 1956 C Rafferty, R Taylor ? ? ? YES Scuba adventure, also involving fight with a hardhat diver
    Hellcats of the Navy 1957 (R Reagan & N Davis) DD AA ?   Frogmen in sub action flick; no, Ron doesn't don a drysuit (whew!)
    Incredible Petrified World 1957 J Carradine, R Clarke + DD A VHS   Divers trapped in bell escape, find cave . . .
    Monster that Challenged the World 1957 Tim Holt DDD A VHS   Clumsy giant worm rises from Salton Sea: unusual Healthways wetsuits
    Underwater Warrior 1958 Dan Dailey, James Gregory ? ? ? YES Late WW2 UDT teams (not yet seen)
    Silent Enemy 1959 Lawrence Harvey DDD AAA VHS   WW2 human-torpedos at Gilbralter
    Up Periscope 1959 James Garner ? ? ?     WW2 shallow water divers: don't know if rubber suits are used
    Atomic Submarine 1959 A Franz, D Foran + DDD A VHS   Frogmen in white wetsuits battle slow-witted alien . . .
    Forbidden Island 1959 John Agar DD A VHS   U/W intrigue involving emerald...and murder
    Secret of the Purple Reef 1960 ? ? ? ? YES Starring R. Chamberlain . . . ?
    September Storm 1960 Mark Stevens, Robert Strauss ? ? ? YES ?
    Secret of Deep Harbor 1961 Ron Foster ? ? ? YES ?
    Voyage t/t Bottom o/t Sea 1961 var. DDD AA DVD     Nuke sub saves world: squid fight, launched series
    Underwater City 1961 Wm. Lundigan, Chet Douglas DD A ?   Wetsuit clad divers plod around sound stage . . . in boots!
    The Valiant (brit.) 1962 Robert Shaw, John Mills ? ? ? YES More UK u/w WW2 frogman in drysutis (plus hardhat); not yet released?!?)
    Thunder Island 1963 Gene Nelson ? ? ? YES ?
    Raiders from Beneath the Sea 1964 Ken Scott, Merry Anders DDD ? ? YES Wetsuited bank robbers
    Thunderball 1965 Sean Connery DDD AAA DVD   Classic U/W Bond
    Seven Golden Men (ital.) 1965 ? ? ? ? YES Well rated adventure, 7 Italian frogmen rob banks (there's a Sequel!)
    Around the World Under the Sea 1965 Lloyd Bridges, Bryan Kelley DD+ A VHS   U/W scientists 'save' world in white wetsuits
    Fantastic Voyage 1966 S Boyd, E O'Brien, R Welch DD+ AA+ DVD     Landmark film, wetsuit divers 'inside' body to save victim
    Assault on a Queen 1966 Frank Sinatra DD A VHS   Starts w/ Frank as salvage diver who finds sub, morphs into scuba
    Modesty Blaise 1966 Terence Stamp DD AA DVD     Spoof spy thriller; Terence in wetsuit
    Catalina Caper 1967 Tommy Kirk D A DVD   Rereleased on Mystery Sci Theater 3000 - should tell what you need to know
    Come Spy With Me 1967 Troy Donahue ? ? ? YES   ?
    Spirit is Willing 1967 Sid Caeser? ? ? ? YES Frogman beach caper?
    Submarine X-1 (brit.) 1968 D Sumner, J Caan + DDDD AA DVD   WW2 UK frogmen, perhaps best drysuit movie ever
    Shark! 1968 Burt Reynolds DDD A VHS   Good wetsuit action
    The Destructors 1968 Richard Egan DD A VHS     Effort to foil theft of gov't ray-gun
    Daring Game 1968 Lloyd Bridges ? ? VHS YES   LLoyd Bridges u/w investigation
    Dirty Heroes 1969 Curt Jurgens ? ? VHS     Dirty Dozen for the B-movie set
    Mission Phantom (span.) 1970 ? DD ? VHS     Gems, espionage, eastern Europe . . .
    Yog: Monster from Space (jap.) 1970 Y Nakamori, S Takashi ? ? ? YES White-suited Frogmen battle alien??? Original title too long . . .
    When Eight Bells Toll (brit) 1971 A Hopkins + DDD AA VHS +   A MacLain spy story: helmet and scuba diver knife battle!
    Black Water Gold 1971? Keir Dullea + DD A VHS     Gold hunters, good wetsuits
    The Mechanic 1972 Charles Bronson, Jan M. Vincent ? ? VHS   Hired guns: our "heros" in gear for a spell
    Salty 1973 M Slade, C Hoard ? ? ? YES Scuba kids adopt sea lion
    Juggernaut 1974 Richard Harris DD A VHS   Frogman team tries to save Britannic
    Shark's Treasure 1975 C Wilde + ? ? ? YES sharks, treasure, caribbean . . .
    Mako: Jaws of Death 1976 Richard Jaeckel + DD A VHS     Shark advocate exploited, goes nuts
    The Deep 1977 N. Nolte, J. Bisset ? ? VHS     Scuba divers and drugs
    Pacific Inferno 1979 Jim Brown, Richard Jaeckel D -A VHS     POW's forced by "Japs" to dive for Manila treasury: more exploitation than drama
    Escape to Athena 1979 Roger Moore + DDD A VHS   WW2 escape thriller & art heist; frogman fight
    ffolkes 1980 Roger Moore + DDD AA VHS   U/W mercenary on govt mission . . .
    Goliath Awaits 1981 Mark Harmon, Robert Foster + DD A ?   Superlight divers find wreck survivors submerged 40 years!
    The Patriot 1987 Stack Pierce DD -A VHS     Ex-vet restores "good" name
    Amsterdamned (neth.) 1988 ? DDD AA VHS     Drysuit diver slashes way thru Amst'dam
    Shark Hunter 2001 Antonio Sabato ? ? VHS     not reviewed

    Any info on these unreviewed films and other hardhat
    and scuba movies or TV shows would be appreciated.

  • Sea Around Us (R. Carson's book, 1953)
  • Naked Sea (1955)
  • Underwater! (Jane Russell, etc.,1955)
  • Manfish (1956)
  • Maracaibo (1958?)
  • Undersea Girl (1957)
  • Easy Come, Easy Go (Elvis, 1967)
  • Inside Man (1988)

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    Sea Hunt 1958-
    Lloyd Bridges + DDD AA VHS   Classic; Mike Nelson battles bad guys & elements, a few hardhat, mostly scuba; comic books
    Diver Dan 1960-
    Frank Freda D A DVD   Children's show featured "live" action and puppet fish, mermaid, and their hi-jinks.
    The Aquanauts 1960-
    Larsen, Slate ? ? ? YES Two hot young men in scuba adventures; ran 20 episodes, 1 Comic book
    Flipper 1964-
    ? ? ? VHS     Some scuba episodes.
    Voyage t/t Bottom o/t Sea 1964-1968 Hedison, Monroe + DDDD AA DVD   1960's series featuring lots of scuba divers (& monsters) throughout
    Undersea World of Jacque Cousteau 1966-
    Cousteau & others DDD AA ?     Ze Scuba documentry series that rrran in ze 1960's: Oui!
    Hawai'i 5-0 (pilot) 1968-1982 J. Lord + DDDD AA DVD     Cocoon - Pilot episode: submerged in wetsuit for hours
    Primus 1971-
    Robert Brown DD A -     Short-lived Ivan Tors series
    Bugs Bunny and Friends 195? Sylvester D A -     Yes, even Slyvester the putty-tat has been deep sea diving. Don't know year or title, but featured always annoying Tweety Bird.
    Baywatch #107 1995 Shawn Thompson DDD A   -   "Deep Trouble" - hardhat diver forced by drug-runners to dive for their stash; natch, they cut his airhose; a few additional hardhat and scuba episodes out there . . .


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